Brema Ice machines
  • No electronics or p/c boards - Electromechanical
  • BREMA operates on two thermostats and a cam timer.
  • Common refrigeration parts, which are mostly available through major refrigeration outlets around Australia and New Zealand.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Easy clean filter for condenser.
  • Metal spray arms, whereas competitors use plastic spray arms that can crack and block a lot easier due to calcium and limestone build up.
  • Static operation with no moving parts.

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Cuber - Self Contained 13g cube
Brema’s flagship C and CB ranges offer under bench or free-standing, selfcontained machines as we..
Cuber Head only - 13g cube
Cuber Head only - 13g cube Model ..
Water/Ice Dispensors - 13g cube
  Model Width mm ..
Cuber - Self Contained 7g cube
Model Width mm Depth mm ..
Cuber Head only - 7g cube
Model Width mm Depth mm ..
Pebbles Ice
In between a cube and a flake, the TB Pebbles ice offers true flexibility. The small ice particle..
Self Contained Flakers - Granular flakes
In addition to its ice cube machines, Brema also specialises in ice flake p..
Flaker Head only - Granular flakes
Model Width mm ..
Muster Sub Zero Cold Flaker -5 to -8 Deg ºC
The ice flakes are between -5˚C and -10˚C so they are very slow to melt - m..
Storage Bins
Model Width mm ..